Thompson Falls

Thompson Falls is a small, open site just above a series of falls and rapids on the Blaeberry River. It is a short 200 meter walk from the site to the falls. There is also a short trail that follows the river bank heading south west for about 500 meters.

Thompson Falls is the closest hike and attraction we have in our area.
From the our gate turn left back to Golden Donald Upper Rd. Keep driving on Golden Donald Upper Rd. You will pass a one way bridge ( the Blaeberry bridge), follow the road until you reach a T intersection, then turn left to Oberg Johnson.
Turn left onto Moberly School Road and then trend right onto Blaeberry Road. This gravel road brings you to the unmarked IOB Campground and the Blaeberry River. Continue up the right side of the river to find Thompson Falls and Syd’s Trail.

Thompson Falls
Photos by Julie Timis

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